The one hope is that the international community will not just make statements, but will take action that confronts the military’s financial position because that is their weak point.  Without control over the country’s funds, they cannot keep their military functioning with sufficient strength.

A very good example has been set by New Zealand which is suspending all high-level contact with Myanmar and imposing a travel ban on its military leaders following last week’s coup. The USA has now also developed a similar approach. This kind of action, rather than broad sanctions or boycotts which could have a very disastrous effect on the population already having to deal with economic struggle due to COVID-19, is directed directly at the military and can be the kind of international threat which might cause them to step back. – Max

“Taiwan is a country with multiple cultures, languages, and religions that are evolving along with history, regime change, and subsequent immigrant and migrant worker policies. Despite the mainstream Han Chinese ethnic groups such as Min Nan, Hakka, and indigenous groups, Southeast Asian marriage immigrants, and migrant workers chiefly from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand, these are the major ethnicities that constitute the population in Taiwan.” – Yi-hsiang

We call on peace loving people, indigenous people advocates, environmental activists, and human rights defenders to issue statements of condemnations and call for the stopping of killings in the Philippines. We also call for immediate independent investigations and bring to justice those responsible for the massacre. For logistical support, Tumandoks in evacuation center are in need of medicines, foods, clothing, and sleeping mats, among others. Other needs include legal assistance for those arrested. – John 

How can we, as a civil society member in Korea, express our solidarity to your people?
1. The Korean people can help promote the right of the people of Taiwan
to enjoy human rights such as the right to self-determination.
2. The people of Korea can help promote that Taiwan should be allowed to use its own name in the Olympic Games.
3. The people of Korea can advocate that the people of Taiwan
should be allowed to visit the United Nations as tourists.
4. The Korean people can encourage people-to-people exchanges with Taiwan
in order to help Taiwan break its international isolation. – Victor

More than 50 organizations from the international community had expressed their concern on the human rights situation and they organized a protest at Thai embassy. In Thailand people demonstrated strongly demanding that they release political prisoners. At the beginning the court did not give me bail. But the public opinions and strong protests on the street put pressure to the court to grant the release. – Somyot

We can share together our common issues and find ways to take action together in our region to support each other’s countries through solidarity, which may also be an opportunity to create a chance for youth to build experience on their path to future leadership. We should give and provide space for the youth in our Asia region to empower their capacity and skills in peacebuilding with other capacity building training. – Srey 

Korean civil society can provide support to Indonesian civil society by conveying investment warning to Korean business community that if they want to invest in Indonesia, it potentially affects adversely to Indonesian environment and people. – Tata

I am aware that some South Korean Buddhist monks are working with the Sinhala Buddhist monks.
It is important that the peace loving South Korean Buddhists raise their voices against racism and militarization in Sri Lanka as they oppose war and militarization of the Korean peninsula. – Ravichandran

This confirms once again that democratization cannot be completed just by the change of the ruling and opposition parties or the emergence of a popularly elected government in Asian society, which has long experienced authoritarian politics. How can Asian civil society overcome the repeated experience of trampling on the values of human rights, democracy, and justice in the name of developing an underdeveloped economy and infrastructure? – Seul-ki 

“The way to do this together is to join the “CAPSC.” You don’t have to sign up directly, but you can join us in promoting and in joining forces with us. The most precious thing is to pay close attention to our compatriots and students in the Chosun School, and to make it known to the public. Please refer to the following site:”우리학교시민모임
– Mee Hee

“We will all soon realize that one voice is noise, but more voice is the sound of freedom.
Everyone sings popular songs, acts to end political persecution. Victims want justice.”
Finally, when your 11-year-old daughter, Zed Kaira, who is the only one left and grieving the most in the face of your death, misses her mother, we will stay together in a love that remembers your life and struggle in our hearts in which the borderline has disappeared. – Mi Kyung

For the past several years,  parents, teachers and students of Chosun schools
have been protesting every Friday at the front entrance to the Japanese Ministry of Education.
Legal teams of Korean-in-Japan and Japanese lawyers have initiated court cases in several cities 
to demand fair treatment, but the discrimination has not ended yet.
The Chosun school community and its supporters are committed to advocate for 
justice on this issue for as long as it takes. -David

I hope that the Korean people too will listen to our full story
as they too have been going through a similar struggle like us.
Please do not allow our story to be deleted or to be edited to suit the global agendas.
Our story is necessary for all the people who struggle for justice and peace.
We are a people and we are a nation. We are not mere individuals. – Malathy

The Tamil struggle for freedom is deeply connected to peace in South Asia. 
It should not be seen as an isolated struggle. 
As the peace movement in Korea and Okinawa are highly important for East Asia 
the Tamil struggle for justice is significant for peace in South Asia. 
In fact, these two regions are interconnected when we think of peace in Asia and the world. – Jude

The continued international attention to the human rights crisis in the Philippines will also
encourage more Filipinos to act for change.  – Mervin

 As Koreans have experienced a long time of suffering from dictatorship and human rights violations,
it may be helpful if we can develop some platforms of sharing on for example,
how Koreans, especially the civil society’s movement faced such era of darkness, strategies and spirit,
and how to keep people from falling into despair. – Ching